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Healing for the Mind, Body, & Soul

Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing® is a powerful form of hands-off healing, often instantaneous and lifelong.  Reconnective Healing® presents you the opportunity to achieve a more optimal state of health, balance, wholeness and vitality in all areas of your everyday life.  Read More...

Tarot Readings

An intuitive tarot reading can be very helpful in finding guidance or clarity about an issue. The tarot deck I use is Osho Zen.


Osho Zen Tarot focuses on gaining an understanding of the here and now. It is a system based on the wisdom of Zen, a wisdom that says events in the outer world simply reflect simply reflect our own thoughts and feelings, even though we ourselves might be unclear about what those thoughts and feelings are. So it helps us to turn our attention away from outside events so we can find a new clarity of understanding in our innermost hearts.  Read More...

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