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A three month series of tarot readings and divine guidance 

Does your life feel like it’s in a state of flux right now?


Are you going through a major transition - maybe it’s family drama, lover drama, career changes, or a big move?   


When you’re just not sure if you are making the right decision or taking the right action,

this is when it can be the toughest to hear your inner voice and trust your intuition.


The Universe is always supporting you & your guardian angels are by your side - but you might be missing their messages.


Well, I can help!


I want to introduce you to my new 3 month tarot healing package: DIVINE

After DIVINE, You'll Have:


- Clarity In What Your Angels Want You To Know So You Can Have Confidence On Your Next Steps


- A Better Connection With Your Intuition, So You Can Read Your Own Cards And Have a Powerful Tool For Life

- The Ability to Continue to Do Readings For Yourself (and Others if You Choose) After Our Three Months Together

Interested in Getting Started?

Schedule Your 15 minute Divine Intervention Session to Speak to Me & Receive a Free Angel Card Reading!

What people are saying... 

"I know I'm on the right path because of Kimberly. Through tarot, she's helped guide me through some major life-changing transitions, and she did so with grace, warmth and her divine presence. Now when I feel anxious or fearful, I remember my conversations with Kimberly, and I come back to the knowledge that I am truly going in the right direction in my life.


If you are considering working with Kimberly, I recommend you contact her ASAP. You will LOVE her and your life will benefit in so many ways as a result."


-Mona Lisa Ondevilla, Success Coach @

What you'll get: 

3 x 60 minute monthly tarot readings with support & guidance ($360 value)

Unlimited email support throughout the 3 months

FREE BONUS: One 50 Minute Reconnective Healing session after the 3rd tarot session. ($150 value)

You will receive three 60 minute private tarot reading sessions, each a month apart.  I'll also teach you how to strenthen your own intuition and learn to read your own cards. 


The reason I created Divine is because you need guidance along the way, especially during the turbulent times.  Divine will help you determine which direction to go, what action to take or not take,  or to simply see what area of your life needs the most attention.   


It’s like having a phone call with your angels!  


I also don’t believe you need to be dependent on me or any other reader or “psychic” to be able to get this information.  You have access to it too!  You just may need support on how to get there.


So, not only will I give you a reading during each session, I will also show you how to do this for yourself and others.

Your bonus Reconnective Healing® session is a powerful form of hands-off healing that will help you return to an optimal state of balance - spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  

It is the perfect way to cap off our three months together and get you into alignment with your soul's purpose!

Investment: $347

Have Any Questions?

Schedule Your FREE 15 Minute Divine Intervention Session Here to Ask Me Directly!

Or, are you ready to get started now?  Click Here

“I've been going to Kim for tarot card readings for several years, and her guidance has helped me in multiple areas of my life. Whether I have questions about relationships, work, or an upcoming change in my life, I come away feeling like I have a much better perspective on how to manage, as well as an optimism that might not have been there before. Her readings are consistently spot on, and she picks up on parts of my life and situation that I have not mentioned to her, having not understood their significance.


She has such a kind, reassuring approach that even the obstacles in my life seem less daunting after a session with her. What I really appreciate is that she doesn't just "read" the tarot cards. She is very intuitive and uses the cards to give me a visual understanding of what is going on, so her interpretation of each card in each reading has greater meaning, specific to my current situation.  I always look forward to her readings, and I HIGHLY recommend her as a skilled, compassionate and intuitive person who truly wants to help others on their life journey.”

– Judy F., Danville, CA

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