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Free Guide:

4 Easy Steps to Start Reading Tarot

(Hint: You don't have to be a psychic)

Let's face it: 

You have some tarot or angel cards but really aren’t sure what the heck you’re doing.


You are going through a difficult transition and wish you had someone to turn to.


Life/work/love life has been tricky & you could just use some divine guidance right about now.


You’re simply curious if you reading your own cards is even a possibility.  

(Spoiler Alert: It is!)


Kim Harmon

I’ve created this short easy guide that will help you:

  • Get you well on your way to reading your own tarot and angel cards

  • Receive the messages your angels & spirit guides have for you

  • Gain much needed insight in order to navigate a difficult situation in your life

  • Get answers to your very personal questions

  • Find comfort in knowing that you are not alone & you are supported by the Universe

  • Stop sleeping with your cards under your pillow hoping to wake up enlightened. 

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