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Woot Woot!  

Can you feel your angels dancing?! 

Your 4 Easy Steps to Start Reading Tarot is being delivered to your inbox now.

I have even more exciting news!

I’m now introducing a free 15 minute Divine Intervention session where I’ll pull an Angel Card for you & discuss what it means & the messages that I’m receiving for you.   

If you feel like you need some connection right now & don’t feel like you have the time to wait until you’ve learned it on your own, this is especially for you.  


You’ll be able to receive divine guidance right away and I’ll be there to support you in that process.

Click here to schedule your 15 minute Divine Intervention session

(It’s free!)

"I've really enjoyed my tarot card readings with Kim!  She really knows how to deliver the message with out placing any fear or judgments.  Her messages always comes across in a loving manner and she's so intuitive with her cards.  She's always so friendly and comforting, it helps makes the experience memorable."

- Lluvia W, Brentwood, CA

Kim Harmon

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